Privacy Policy

Comment Castles uses a small amount of personal information for users.

IP addresses may be used by default by software libraries that we use. However, we don't use IP addresses in our own application source code.

Each user must select a username. When you write a post or comment your username will be publicly shown. Thus, if you put personal information in your username then you may give away your identity.

Each user must select a password. We store your password securely in a database so that no one can see it. Even though we store passwords securely you should use a different password for each website and application.

We do not use email addresses.

Two cookies are used. One is the session cookie if you log in, and the other is the settings if you're logged out and click save on the settings page.

We don't use any social trackers or pixels, or anything of a similar nature.

We do not use any other standard personal information such as first name, last name, address or payment info.