by try-bein-patient on Dec 18, 2023 link
You know there's 2 approaches to the piano: the formal approach and the hack-it-i-just-wanna-play-or-make-tunes approach.

If you're grinding, I suspect you have chosen route #2. Tons of benefits that way. You can read the charts, and your left hand can too.

I'm an advocate of the "ghetto path". It leads to tons of complexity; so, I say "ghetto" with respectful sarcasm.

The "ghetto" or "hack" is to learn what chord symbols like Gm7 mean, and just find it on the keys. Walk this path for 2 years, and you should conceivably be able to search for any song at (typing the word, "chords" after every song title you search for), and most likely, you can play and sing along.

I was so convinced I had to share this insight (there's amazing pianists out there who might never unlock their potential because the other path is inaccessible) that I made my own video about how to "hack" the piano. If you're familiar with this approach, just ignore.

Otherwise, I think you'll benefit greatly. You can find my u-tube channel by searching for @tripdawkins1615. I really believe I'm the first one to come up with the expression "Piano Hacking". Nowadays, there are many others suggesting their hack methods are very special. I think you'll find by looking at the dates that mine was out before theirs.

Anyway, I suspect you realize I'm not sharing this to boost my views. After all, who the heck has heard of Comment Castles? If you search u-tube for "Trip Dawkins Piano Hacking", and you actually watch it, I'll get another "view", which means it's at 12K now, and will be 12K after you watch it. Believe me; it'll make no difference to me.

I hope you unlock ways to love the piano. You'll want to fill your home with that sound, and I suspect many evenings, you and whomever you love will prefer you over the TV and internet. Best.
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