v3.0.0 - Dragon 🐉

by stink on May 10, 2024 to meta comments(0)
Welcome to version 3, here is the list of changes:

- We removed following and the following self-moderation system. We now have a traditional moderation system, moderators can delete posts and comments. I have already deleted thousands of spam posts and comments, and I think there are still more to delete.

- We removed the tagging system and replaced it with subs. Each post must be assigned to exactly one sub. The first user to post to a sub becomes the moderator for that sub. All posts with a meta tag were put in the r/meta sub, all other posts were put in the r/before sub. If you have a past post in r/before and you would like it moved, LMK, and I will do it with SQL, normally posts can't be moved to a different sub. The r/before sub has posts locked meaning that you can't post to it, otherwise it wouldn't make sense. If you're in a sub then its name and nav items will show in the site header. Each sub has an about page that lists its moderator and description.

- We removed private groups.

- The active post sorting option at the top of the page will be bold now.

- The default site width has been changed to full browser.

- For the default date format, we removed the hours and minutes portion.

- Some font colors and sizes were changed, mainly on the home and sub home pages.

- Responsive design was removed for single-line post mode, in other words they will just naturally word wrap regardless of site or browser width.
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