v0.1.0 - Banana 🍌

by stink - on Jun 23, 2021 10:41pm to meta comments(4)
v0.1.0 was deployed about 20 minutes ago. The changes include:

- At the top of group pages there is now a title, and a link for creating a new post for the group. For example, the "r/meta" title at the top of r/meta.

- Cleaned up the label formatting on the new post form.

- Users now have public IDs that are 22 characters long (like posts and comments). Previously, we were using usernames as public IDs. Follow and unfollow links now use user public IDs instead of usernames.

- If you're logged in, then settings is split up into two pages. "general" has all the old settings. And "username" is a new setting that allows you to change your username.

- Edit: Moving forward, website version numbers will match the source code version numbers on GitHub. Instead of v14, this is v0.1.0. This website release coincides with v0.1.0 of the source code.
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  • by peaches - on Jun 24, 2021 10:33pm
    A new version format, interesting development.