v2.2.0 - Horse 🐴

by stink - on Sep 10, 2023 2:29pm to meta comments(4)
I released and launched the v2.2.0 code two days ago. Here is a list of the changes:

- I changed my username from stink to r-admin, wanted to go with something a bit more approachable shall we say. Because of this change, you may need to reselect your desired following list on the settings page.

- Renamed instruction manual to help.

- Added PKCE to the API. This really solidifies the security for any third-party apps that may be built with the API in the future (to my knowledge no API apps exist yet).

- Added a fonts section to the help page explaining how to change the font for this website.

- Added user profiles. When you click on a username you go to the user's profile. You can edit your profile in the settings.

- A handful of other improvements not worth mentioning here is the non-technical summary. The source code release has the full details.

For next release some ideas are:

- Build a React app now that the API is secure, which could serve as Android and iOS apps.

- Open data, someone else gave me this idea. I guess I would simply publish the database dump with all the data in it.

- Hook up more site colors to the settings.

- RSS feeds (initially for home and groups)

- Push-based comment firehose

- Dense comment layout option

- Reset settings to defaults

- Clear account (ie. delete all posts and comments made)

- Delete account

- Regenerate public user id

- Preview and save as draft for posts

- Optimize inbox query (mine takes 10-20 seconds to load 😅)
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  • by macadoum - on Sep 10, 2023 3:32pm
    Nice ideas for next releases, stink.

    But something annoys me, I do not understand why the r in r-admin ?

    Why not s-admin or cc-admin which I could have understand more easily ?

    I'm fearing the answer a little bit 😱🧐
    • by stink - on Sep 11, 2023 12:19pm
      thanks mac, i guess it should have been s-admin, but the r is for my first name. 😁
  • by whitepaperkat - on Sep 10, 2023 7:25pm
    Keep up the good work, I might run my own instance of this some day
    • by stink - on Sep 11, 2023 12:18pm
      thanks WPK, let me know if you spin one up, cheers!