by stink on Dec 28, 2023 to meta comments(2)
I am too lazy to do a proper release right now, but I pushed some changes to the site:

- First of all, I changed my username back to stink. r-admin, what was that crap? stink is back baby!

- I added a "reset to defaults" button to the settings page. If you click this button, then all the settings will revert back to the default settings.

- I changed the default settings. Main change here is that I am using the single-line posts on the home page, instead of the two-line format. And I also increased the # of posts on the home page from 20 to 30. Really just trying to spice the home page up with a different look, sort of a more dense look where you can see more posts at once. And I changed the default site width from 600 to 1200.

- One other thing is that the single-line post format on the home page now has some responsive design. So basically, the browser width needs to be >= 1200 px otherwise the two-line format will be used no matter what. I did this because I put the single-line format as the default and I don't want it to look bad for new users that come via their phone.
  • by peaches on Dec 28, 2023
    stink! Welcome back! Now what about the site name, will we go back to the old site name?
    • by stink on Dec 28, 2023
      No hun, but the old name will live on through our usernames.