Finnish ASMR with a pretty girl (

by macadoum - on Dec 2, 2021 4:08am to finnish languages asmr comments(4)
This language looks so harmonious. This is beautiful.

Six years ago, the same girl was reading the Kalevala in Finnish and English :

Hearing her voice makes me want to learn Finnish. This language seems so smooth and aerial compared to French, my mother tongue.

Finnish could easily replace Quenya as an elven language in LotR.

In comparison, I also listened Swedish readings on YouTube, but I found this tongue a lot less interesting. Too much "Krr Krr" 😆

But Swedish is apparently a lot more easier to learn than Finnish if you already speak English.

It would be nice to learn a new language for sure, but I'm hesitant. Maybe Estonian since I now live in this country, but it's maybe too much effort to learn a tongue with only 1 million speakers... 🤷
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  • by stink - on Dec 2, 2021 7:38pm
    Man, I love learning language but it's also kind of a grind. And I wonder if they will become obsolete for communication - via tech.

    Your video led me to this cool video:
    • by macadoum - on Dec 10, 2021 3:11am
      Thanks dude. What language do you speak ? Portuguese and English ?

      I decided to start learning Russian. It seems relatively easy to learn, both the alphabet and the language. Some words are similar to French or English so it helps a lot.