v2.0.0 - Burger 🍔

by stink - on Jun 19, 2023 8:16pm to meta comments(10)
v2.0.0 was launched yesterday. Here is what changed:

- The project name changed to Comment Castles, and thus the site is now commentcastles.org.

- Added the ability for users to delete their posts and comments.

- Changed the site header logo and favicon.

- Improved success and error message text color on web forms.

- Added user authentication for API calls (ie. users can now log into third-party apps).

- Removed decentralization (ie. instances can't connect to each other, and there's only one site now).

- Removed action groups.
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  • by macadoum - on Jun 20, 2023 2:35am
    It's probably a good thing a have decentralization removed. You can't fediversify all things.
    • by stink - on Jun 20, 2023 4:57pm
      hey mac, things didn't turn out quite the way we talked
  • by AlexSage - on Jun 20, 2023 3:48am
    Definitely minimalist start. Not a bad thing though. I'll try to add the site to my follow list. I would suggest making sure there is a password recovery option sooner than later though.
    • by stink - on Jun 20, 2023 4:58pm
      password recovery would be nice, but i kind of don't want to deal with email. don't want to use phone. I wonder if there's another way.
      • by reol - on Jun 26, 2023 7:28pm
        Not sure how difficult it would be to implement, but I guess something akin to recovery keys won't involve emails or phone
        • by stink - on Jun 27, 2023 10:59am
          Recovery keys, hmm, I will have to look into that.
  • by cefaleia - on Jun 20, 2023 1:48pm
    Comment box it's too small!
    • by stink - on Jun 20, 2023 2:51pm
      lol, I guess you're right, usually you can drag the bottom right corner of textareas to grow them.