v1.0.0 - Pizza 🍕

by r-admin on Apr 5, 2022 9:47pm to meta comments(5)
Today we launched v1.0.0, this is actually the 18th version (1-13, 0.1.0-0.4.0). This goes with the v1.0.0 source code release. Here are the changes:

- Action Groups. If you use special groups on posts then an action will be triggered on the site or across the network of instances. The only action that currently exists is "new-node". Find out more by visiting action groups in the instruction manual.

- Fixed a comment pagination bug in the /post and /comment API calls.

- Added a network page and a link to it in the site footer.

- Created the /ping API call.

- There is now a second Peaches 'n' Stink node running at yourfamous.net.
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  • by macadoum on Apr 6, 2022 7:14am
    Congratulations for this stable release.
  • by reol on Apr 6, 2022 10:18pm
    Congrats for the milestone! After 🌭 and 🍕 I'll go on a limb and guess 🍔 coming up next?

    Also zoinks at how yourFamous appears to have immediately attracted spam, but the lists are working like they should.
    • by r-admin on Apr 7, 2022 12:15pm
      Yes, 🍔 will be the next version. However, I am planning on optimizing the home page query and then doing a 1.0.1, not sure if I should use it there. But the real question is, what theme to use next?

      On yf I was responding to him and realized I was flashing the content, lol. I think I will create a different username to respond.