I wondered why

by macadoum on Nov 30, 2023 to before comments(4)
Why this cool open-source project seems to have brutally ended 6 months ago?

The dev hasn't shown any signs of life for the past six months. In previous months, there were at least a hundred commits per month.

So I typed his name in the search engine.

It appears that the reason for this sudden disappearance is that the dev brutally died 6 month ago. By overdose during a music festival.

People are sick.
  • by fred-flin on Nov 30, 2023
    He rly dead??
    • by stink on Dec 1, 2023
      No, I'm not dead. Mac, what are you talking about, I just released v2.3 unicorn!
      • by macadoum on Dec 1, 2023
        Lol, i'm talking about someone else. I'm not talking about r-admin nor commentcastles here.
  • by My3xnet on Jan 10, 2024