v0.2.0 - Kiwi 🥝

by stink - on Jul 27, 2021 2:53pm to meta comments(5)
v0.2.0 was launched today. This update includes a lot of small miscellaneous improvements. This post coincides with the v0.2.0 source code release. Here are the changes:

- Remove some unnecessary margin from the site footer.

- Fix some grammatical errors in the instruction manual and privacy policy.

- Add a 32x32 pixel favicon (for hygge).

- Don't show the post title in the browser tab if the user can't see the post.

- Fix a bug if someone enters a decimal for the site width setting.

- On the sign up form turn a "log in" phrase and a "log out" phrase into links that previously were not links.

- Fix a group pagination issue.

- Add the username setting to the instruction manual.

- Add some spacing to the bullet points in the formatting and settings sections of the instruction manual.

- Require that post links start with "http" or "https".

- If a post has a link filled in, then display the domain name of the link next to the post title (for macadoum).

- Adjust the post title font size and spacing.

- Change the default view mode for logged out users from locked to discover.

- Change home, group and inbox pagination size from 15 to 20.

- Darken the red links below each comment.
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  • by peaches - on Jul 27, 2021 3:39pm
    Kiwi? I love Kiwi! I am going to eat this whole site now.
  • by iloveny123 - on Jul 28, 2021 12:56pm
    The site keeps getting better and better
  • by macadoum - on Jul 28, 2021 8:56pm
    Nice additions !
    I was rickrolled 😂
  • by macadoum - on Aug 1, 2021 4:21pm
    • by stink - on Aug 2, 2021 11:21am
      Guy looks good. I was gonna mention this! When I posted that, it was just under a billion.