Don't Kill Free Features

by stink - on Apr 10, 2022 2:13pm to programming comments(2)
10 years ago, I was working on a project for a new client. I built her a CMS and she could use HTML markup in the page content, i.e. we weren't escaping HTML. She wanted to learn HTML and do the design herself.

About a week later, she realized that she could embed a single large image and use it as the entire page content. So, now she could use Photoshop instead of having to learn HTML. Of course, I was thinking - OMFG. At the time, I was unable to convince her it was a bad idea. A year or two later someone else rebuilt the site without these large images.

I always think back to this project as a great example of killing off free features. When you use a large image as the page instead of HTML markup, you lose many free features:

- word wrapping
- the ability for the user to adjust the font size
- copy and paste
- hyperlinks
- search engine spiders

There are probably more.

So please, don't kill off free features that your tech gives you in software development. You are losing a ton of value.
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