v2.3.0 - Unicorn 🦄

by stink on Nov 22, 2023 to meta comments(0)
I recently launched Comment Castles v2.3.0, here is the list of changes:

- Before this release, it was possible to be following a user and not be able to see their content, or to not be following a user and be able to see their content. In other words, visibility and following were different flags. This is no longer the case. If you can see content then it implies you're following the user, and if you cannot see content it means you're not following the user. Consequently, the following list drop down in the settings has been removed.

- Also before this release, when a user first signed up they would go from seeing a lot of content while logged out to seeing no content when they first logged in. This was because when logged out they were using my following list and when they first logged in they would start off with their own blank following list. What happens now, is that when a user signs up they receive a copy of my following list. In other words, the logged out following list and the initial sign up following list are identical, and thus the site looks the same. Of course, after you sign up and get a copy of my list, then you can change it. There are actually two new batch following actions (see the next bullet point).

- On the following page there are two new buttons at the bottom. There is a button to unfollow all users. And there is a button to copy who I follow.

- There are significant changes to the help page. I removed a good amount of it to simplify. Whitelist moderation is now emphasized and there is a new whitelist moderation section. And I also mention how content formatting rules apply to user profiles.

- There are two new settings on the general settings page. I added a main text color. And I also added a post spacing setting (this is the amount of vertical spacing between posts in lists of posts).

- In the past, if a logged out visitor tried to follow/unfollow a user they were redirected to the sign up page with no explanation. What happens now is that they are still redirect to the sign up page but there is a message on the sign up page indicating that they need to sign up in order to follow or unfollow a user.

- I removed the gray box surrounding post content and top comment content. This box created sort of a double border and I thought it looked bad, so I removed it.

- There are a couple other minor changes that I'm not going to list here. If you want to see these details please see the source code release.
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