The Framework Trap

by stink - on Jun 22, 2021 11:02am to programming framework comments(2)
When coding, one uses libraries or a framework. Libraries give you more freedom while frameworks give you structure.

More specifically, a library is a function or method that you can import and use. It's a chunk of code with a mathematical encasement. It's very fundamental. A simple concept with endless possibilities. However, one must architect the app or use a template app.

A framework is a different beast, both technically and socially. It's a large base-application that you can modify using its module system. Some are a joy to use while others are akin to the depths of Hell.

Frameworks are sticky; companies and developers will often use the same framework for a very long time. Frameworks are trendy across industries and companies. The framework itself is often backed by a large corporation. Sometimes frameworks cater to non-technical users instead of developers. It seems like frameworks make developers a commodity. A framework can greatly impact a developer's coding style and productivity (for better or worse).

The framework trap happens when a programmer gains experience using a horrible framework and it becomes easy for them to find more work in the same framework. The coder is miserable and hates programming. The developer may come to believe that all coding is this bad. The programmer is likely to have to work even longer hours due to the poor architecture of the framework.

Tens of thousands of developers are caught in the framework trap.

Which frameworks are bad? It's the ones that put UX for non-technical users over DX. You find a lot of this in the PHP ecosystem and in BI frameworks.
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  • by ruhtam - on Jun 26, 2021 3:49am
    In the java ecosystem, there are several frameworks that hinder the developer than help. Older spring, struts, hibernate frameworks are generally too structured that if we want to achieve something we've to search the internet and find out hacks. In my opinion, the framework should be well documented and searchable with right examples.

    In UI, older AngularJS was a huge nightmare for developers. Don't know how it has improved now.
    • by stink - on Jun 26, 2021 11:18am
      Yeah, Java seems like one of the older ecosystems out there. Crusty.