v2.4.0 - Lizard 🦎

by stink on Apr 10, 2024 to meta comments(2)
Comment Castles v2.4, aka Lizard, has been launched! This goes along with the source code release on GitHub. Here are the changes (many of these were deployed to this site quite awhile ago):

- Used a better webpage for the following page if it's visited by a non logged in user. Previously it was a blank white page with an error message.

- Changed the logo in the site header from a castle emoji character to an actual image file.

- Added a button to the settings page that allows you to reset all the settings to the defaults.

- Added responsive design (ie. mobile support) to the posts single-line layout setting.

- Changed five of the default settings: site width is now 1200 by default instead of 600; posts single-line layout is used instead of double-line layout; changed posts per page from 20 to 30; decreased the post vertical spacing from 18 to 14; and changed the light mode background color.

- Added a dark mode. You can select it on the settings page via the theme option.

- Fixed the username link in the main navigation. Previously it didn't work the first time a user logged in.

- Added a date format setting to the settings page. There are 8 different date/time formats that you can use.

- There are a handful of other changes that are too minor or technical to mention here.
  • by reol on Apr 12, 2024
    It must be relative and a trick of my mind because despite sticking with the defaults, I was fairly comfortable and never actually "felt" that the site width was only 600!? Expanding it more does feel like a breath of fresh air.

    Also kudos for adding to the info density, especially when so many sites are heading in an opposite direction!
    • by stink on Apr 13, 2024
      Hey reol, thanks. Yes I am trying to add options to increase the density on the home page.