For Pete's Sake, Don't Touch HTML Inputs

by r-admin on Apr 8, 2022 2:01pm to ui-ux comments(0)
There's been this longstanding trend where front-end frameworks try to make HTML inputs better by using boatloads of CSS and JavaScript. This practice is utter garbage in my opinion.

I think it was 2016 when I first encountered it. The front-end stack was Angular and material design. There was a web form that looked mostly blank with a handful of horizontal lines. Are those inputs with only a bottom border? That's just so bad. Later I realize backspace, tabbing, and copy and paste don't work in the input.

Every single time I come to one of these apps I dread using it. Don't you know what I mean? It's usually a SPA with large, sort of weird looking inputs. Will you guys please stop, it's so bad.

If you are going to style HTML inputs, I would recommend only using the simplest CSS constructs.

If you are going to attach AJAX calls to onKeyPress() or something, be careful!

If you're building apps, don't kill off free fundamental features like copy and paste - for any reason! It's so sad to see.
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