Lego made a Flappy Bird clone

by stink - on Jul 2, 2023 4:36pm to flappy-bird lego comments(2)
So, I was looking through the Spanish/Portuguese Jan-June Lego catalog and they advertise their Flappy Bird clone on the last page! Hahaha!

For those who don't know, Flappy Bird is a very simple game that exploded in popularity about 10 years ago. The creator then felt bad and removed the game from the app store. So, it is a bit of a legendary game.

And now Lego is trying to cash in on it, ha! I mean I guess there are 100s of clones of it.
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  • by iloveny123 - on Jul 28, 2023 7:23pm
    Flappy bird clones are so 2010.

    Everyone's doing 2048 clones these days ;)