Screw Zoom

by stink on Jun 15, 2021 to before comments(5)
Edit(Jun 19, 2021): This post has been heavily edited since the original version was written. In the original version I went off on a tangent that didn't make sense.


Ever since the pandemic started, everyone wants to zoom. Can we do a zoom interview call? Can we do a zoom meeting? Let's set up a zoom. Let's do a quick zoom. Let's all get on a zoom. Oh, Debbie needs to do a zoom for this quick Excel fix.

Screeew video calls.

It feels like Covid and zoom killed the phone call. Is it really necessary to see me while we talk?

More generally, there are three ways to communicate while working from home: written, voice only and video calls. Some love written communication and hate voice/video. Others can only do voice or video because they can't type.

Communication mechanism is a very important consideration to make when working from home and some people may not be able to work with each other because they prefer to use different communication mechanisms - which is unfortunate.

My prediction is that written communication will be used more and more as more people learn to touch type.
  • by peaches on Jun 16, 2021
    F*ck Zoom? Nooo, I talk to all my friends on there.
  • by nope on Jun 25, 2021
    > It feels like Covid and zoom killed the phone call. Is it really necessary to see me while we talk?

    Seriously, this. 1000 times this.
    • by stink on Jun 26, 2021
      Glad someone agrees.
    • by Henry-am-Set on Jul 29, 2021
      I agree. Audio latency is bad enough, don’t make it worse by transmitting bored looking faces.
  • by PubJeezy on Jun 26, 2021
    Another fun aspect of Zoom mass adoption (and gov contracts) is that they were guilty of profiting off of child pornography long before the pandemic even happened. Mass adoption never seems to happen until the feds investigate a platform for sex crimes or money laundering.

    Zoom Outted as tool for pedophiles in 2019:

    Here's an article a year later in the times about a "surge in sexual images of children on the incident" with no mentions of Zoom.

    And another article that describes the "FBI trying to crackdown on child pornography on Zoom calls" without any of the blame falling on the platform itself. The feds literally found them guilty of distributing child pron a year earlier but they have liability shields so I guess they're allowed to be pedophiles.