v3: allow list & view mode

by stink on Oct 23, 2020 to meta comments(2)
I launched the v3 update about an hour ago. Here's what it includes:

- The max post title length has been changed from 50 to 160 characters. The post title input is now a multiline input instead of a single line input.

- There's a new setting called view mode. This allows you to completely hide(locked) posts and comments that are made by users that you don't follow. The original view mode(discover) shows all posts and comments, with those by users you don't follow only displaying the time.

- Another new setting called allow list. This allows a user to use a different user's following list to filter the site content. So if you're not logged in or you don't want to take the time to find users to follow, then you can use a different user's list to reveal posts and comments.

- All settings are available to visitors that are not logged in. Previously settings were only available to logged in users.

- Changed the minimum password length from 13 to 9 characters.

- Some other minor color and margin adjustments.
  • by wocksfoxxy on Oct 24, 2020
    Hm sounds good.

    Could there be a way to put new users on the allowlist by default, and then block people only if they become annoying?
    • by stink on Oct 24, 2020
      Interesting idea. There could be options to auto-follow users if certain circumstances are met.