v2.1.0 - Zebra 🦓

by stink on Jul 30, 2023 to meta comments(2)
July 2023, wow, what a time to be alive! We're post COVID and AI and climate change are really starting to heat up. In the mean time, I launched Comment Castles v2.1 a couple hours ago. This goes along with the v2.1 source code release. Before I give the feature summary, some site stats if you're curious:

- all together this is the 21st version (which has no relation to v2.1, it just happened that way)
- 2,886 users
- 3,715 posts
- project started 43 months ago
- site launched 34 months ago

Onto the release summary, here is what changed for version 2.1:

- Added four new settings to the main settings page. The new setting options are: post layout, posts per page, main background color and secondary background color.

- Increased the max possible site width from 1,000 to 1,500. Of course, you can still use blank for full browser width.

- Increased the size of the commenting textareas for cefaleia.

- Added small rounded corners to the main content area.

- Added nine new API endpoints. The new endpoints are: get followed users, create comment, follow user, create post, edit comment, edit post, delete comment, unfollow user, and delete post. You could do all this stuff on the site before this update. But now someone can build a third party app with these features.
  • by iloveny123 on Jul 31, 2023
    And to think I'm still around after all this time. I still remember when you posted your site to Hacker News when you first launched.
    • by stink on Jul 31, 2023
      Haha lol, I remember when I posted it there, there was no response.