Surfing the internet

by macadoum on Oct 27, 2021 9:07pm to mountains internet mouse comments(2)
Surfing the internet without a mouse is not easy. I need a mouse to better surf.

But each time I go to the nearest city, I forgot to search for a mouse. And I'm lazy to go to the city because I only own a bike. I don't like to drive cars.

I could search for a mouse on the internet but this is a public wi-fi, and I don't want to send card information on the restaurant's public wi-fi.

Anyway, the internet is bad here in the swiss mountains. This is why i've started loving what people call the small web.
It's fast, even when your connection is bad and you don't need to use a mouse for each little thing you need to do on a modern web page.

I'm leaving this place on the first of november, Warsaw first, then Tallin. I hope that even with a blazing fast connection, I'll remember the small web I've started to love.

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  • by r-admin on Oct 28, 2021 9:14am
    My hero. I don't have a car either but I borrow one sometimes. I bought a bike last week.

    Poland and then Estonia. Nice. I live in the Algarve if you ever want to stop by.
    • by macadoum on Oct 29, 2021 8:45pm
      Hey nice, one of my friends was in Faro last year in holidays. I almost travel with him, but I don't remember why I couldn't go.

      If ever I want to change my crypto to fiat money, I think I should do it in Portugal. I believe there is 0% tax on it there, while there is for sure a 30% tax in France.
      I think Portugal and Belarus are the only two countries in Europe not tax cryptos.